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August 1, 2006

Brother Joe: A 20th Century Apostle

A Biography of Joseph Wesley Mathews
by his brother, Bishop James K. Mathews
"Brother Joe" is a biography of Joseph W. Mathews, a remarkable man of faith whose influence reached around the world. But this is no ordinary biography. Its title refers to more than Joe's profession as a clergyman. This book is authored by his brother Ken (Bishop James K. Mathews of the United Methodist Church). The author brings to his work a wealth of shared experience and "inside" information not often available in biographies. He also brings a level of appreciation and respect not often found among brothers whose paths have differed so dramatically.

For readers of "Bending History," "Brother Joe" is a valuable companion volume providing, as it does, some of the personal background that helped to shape Joe's thought. Those who meet Joe first through "Brother Joe" will find "Bending History" a valuable collection of statements from this remarkable man, almost like a soundtrack to the picture painted by Bishop Mathews.

by James K. Mathews

Copyright 2006
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Pages: 248