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April 23, 2011

Decoding our Christian Words:
From head-trip analysis to gut-trip analysis

Fritz Mutti, Bishop in the United Methodist Church says " You continue to produce good resources. May God bless your efforts. Your insights stimulate me to think in new ways."

Cherl Kartes, ToP Mentor Trainer says "I have appreciated many, many, many of your contributions . I thought it was about time to thank you."

Emily at Brooksville, Kansas says "Perhaps most important is your theological reflections that you send . . . I especially like the way you challenge me to ground things in my experience. That is so helpful to make the sermons real-to-life."

Rev. Patric Ntoko says "I am an ordained priest in the Anglican Church, in QwaQwa, Namahadi, South Africa. I came across your work though an internet search and through curiosity I subscribed. I wish to thank you very much for this material."

From the Author

"This book is about decoding our Christian code words, and by the time the reader has worked through this workbook these terms will take on new meaning. Does this change reality? Not at all! What is changed is how the reader finds the Christian lexicon meaningful in its application to reality.

Reality never changes, but our perception of reality is clouded by several things such as the prevailing world view which gets up-dated from time-to-time. This happened at the time of Jesus; historians use this catalyptic occasion to name history BCE--before the Common Era, and CE--after the upsetting events of the Early Church. Most readers remember these new terms with their old associations of BC (Before Christ) and AD (After the Christian Era). This earthquake in understanding is aided by Peter and Paul's work of shifting the world view of Jesus into the prevailing Greek world view. During Paul’s tenure reality stayed the same but the language used to give it meaning was entirely different."

About the Author

Dr. William Salmon is a retired United Methodist Minister and trained at the Ecumenical Institute, Chicago, now known as EI/ICA Chicago. In addition to this book, he is the author of "The Making of a Teacher," also published by Resurgence Publishing Corporation.

In his career he served eighteen years in Kansas United Methodist Churches, eleven years as a Kansas Wesleyan University Administrator, and eleven years in international work with the Institute of Cultural Affairs (EI/ICA). For over fifty years he is married to Beverly Trapp, his college sweetheart. They live in Salina, Kansas – in the Nation’s Heartland.

by Dr. William Salmon

Copyright 2011
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