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Eternal Values in a World of Change
Foreword by Susan Morrison,
Bishop of the Methodist Church


"Although written some decades in the past, the material in Eternal Values can both teach and preach in the 21st century!

We read and speak often about the incredible changing world in which we live. Thus, we see a book here to address what is unchanging, what can anchor us in the midst of uncertainty and newness, and these values seem so apropos."

In the Afterword from an address by Bishop Mathews in 1980 we find a quote from the Anglican Bishop of Hong Kong that sums up his perspective in "Eternal Values":

"This is God’s world: all of it.
People are made in God’s image: all of them.
Everybody everywhere matters."
by Bishop James K. Mathews
(Original Papers - 1960 and 1980)
Foreword - Bishop Susan M. Morrison 2009

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