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March 27, 2010

Mature Christianity:  For come-of-age Christians in a come-of-age world

An intellectually and spiritually challenging look at the Christian's role and self-understanding in the this new century, by William A. Holmes, pastor, lecturer, author and commentator.

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William A. Holmes

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“I am writing for adults living in a world of science and modernity, as opposed to a world of superstition and anachronisms…(a world) where radical freedom and radical obligation co-exist in the struggle to make responsible decisions.”

“Initially I considered entitling these pages “Christianity for Adults Only”…

“I have written out of the conviction that no one reaches adulthood without experiencing the vulnerability of finitude, and that each of us responds to that vulnerability by being either in denial of it, or by theologically reflecting on its implications. In one way or another, we experience loss of meaning, pangs of guilt, the unpredictability of the future, the certainty of death, and, at least, on occasions, periods of despair. These existential levels of our humanity are the very levels to which the Gospel is addressed and to which this book is directed.”

About the Author

Dr. William A. Holmes is Minister Emeritus, United Methodist National Church, Washington D.C. His career spans over four decades as an author, minister, lecturer and television host with titles including Tomorrow’s Church (1968); Nonviolence, Origins and Outcomes (2003); A Man Named John F. Kennedy (1964) and articles in the Harvard Divinity Bulletin. He was also the host for the weekly television program, “Perspective,” on WDVM, CBS, Washington, D.C.
by William A Holmes

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