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December 7 2012

One Mission - Two Objectives: Bible Studies in the Gospel of Mark
What is Inside
William E. Salmon has written “One-Mission - Two Objectives" as the second in his Gospel studies Series following his book, "Making of a Teacher" published in 2011 with endorsements by Dr. Philip S. Meckley, Professor of Religion, Kansas Wesleyan University, Salina, Kansas and many lay and clergy readers of his works.

What The Author Says About this Book
"Welcome to the study of the Gospel of Mark. The One Mission of this Gospel is summarized in the statement, “Wait until you discover the end of the story and then everything will make sense.” By turning to Mark 16:9-20, you’ll discover that the resurrection material is a later addition. Some editor couldn’t stand the idea that Mark didn’t have a “rest of the story” ending, so the redactor added one and took away the mystery that Mark wanted to leave for us. It is in anticipation of our awakening that Jesus is born in our human experience and into our personal and corporate lives. This sets the stage for the Good News. To be awakened is to embrace our two natures as human (natural) and humane (spiritual) beings.

I am a retired international Chemist and Business man. Since retirement I am a columnist for a small newspaper. . . Bill has a depth of understanding of religion which sometimes astounds me. He wrote a brief editorial for, “The Prairie Connection,” that is one of the finest pieces of modern religious thought. Since college I have called myself an atheist, but the article Bill wrote at my request made me realize I could probably become a believer in Christianity again. C. E. “Bud” Brann, Editor: The Prairie Connection 

From following the “Gut Trip Analysis” discussions, I have gained much insight into my own connection with God and come to a deeper understanding of what the written words of the bible intend to convey. The exchange of ideas in the “Gut Trip Analysis” venue is extremely stimulating and enjoyable. As one discussion concludes, I look forward to the start of the next. Patricia Smith, Executive Administrator, Director’s Office, Los Alamos National Laboratory 

Bill’s view and demeanor about life are on the true course to what living is all about. Use his filters of the way life is, change your paradigm and awaken to a more satisfying life. He makes the path clear for those who want to follow his lead. I am grateful for his persistence, love, and friendship. Nedra Elbl, Salina, KS School Board 

There is a possibility I may have to preach this week and I am grasping at straws for inspiration. I found the site very intriguing and signed up. I look forward to learning more about the word. Gale A. Fulte, Chaplain, Mesilla Fire Department, Alaska 

Prior to starting the Trinity Bible Study, I had always tried to analyze the material using my head. After I understood that Pastor Bill wanted us to feel it in our gut, I was able to understand it much better. Rex S. Romeiser, M.D. (retired)

About the Author

Dr. William Salmon is a retired United Methodist Minister and trained at the Ecumenical Institute, Chicago, now known as EI/ICA Chicago. In addition to this book, he is the author of "The Making of a Teacher," also published by Resurgence Publishing Corporation.

In his career he served eighteen years in Kansas United Methodist Churches, eleven years as a Kansas Wesleyan University Administrator, and eleven years in international work with the Institute of Cultural Affairs (EI/ICA). For over fifty years he is married to Beverly Trapp, his college sweetheart. They live in Salina, Kansas – in the Nation’s Heartland.
by Dr. William Salmon

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