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January 23, 2012

The God Mask: A journey into risk, danger and an extraordinary discovery

A Companion Volume to "
Mature Christianity"
Dr. William (Bill) A. Holmes

What is Inside

William A. Holmes has written “The God Mask” as a companion volume to his book, “Mature Christianity” published in 2010 with endorsements by Jim Lehrer of the News Hour, U.S. Senator George McGovern (Rtd), Bishop Susan Morrison (Rtd.), and Dr. Philip Wogaman (Rtd.), Wesley Theological Seminary.

What The Author Says About this Book

My intention with this volume is to get certain values off the written page and into action. The Gospel is not “The word became book” but “The word became flesh” – that is, “made concrete, specific and acted out in deeds.” Understanding a concept can be important, but unless eventually that concept is lived, it’s simply lost as an abstraction.

As I look back over 46 years of preaching, the sermons which “connected” with congregations were the one’s which applied to specific instances and avoided generalities. Some parishioners may have been offended by what I said, but they didn’t leave wondering about what I intended as practical applications.

There will be readers of “The God Mask” who disagree with some of my conclusions and examples. After all, toward the end of the book I talk about “undocumented immigrants,” the “Tea Party,” the “Occupy” movement and other controversial, hot button issues. I tend to take such disagreements as complimentary to the reader and the writer, signaling that at least we have engaged each other in the struggle to turn Christian values into ethics. Besides, it will be no compliment to either of us if we simply agree on “things in general,” and then do nothing.

On these terms then, and through “The God Mask,” I invite you to join me in considering how and when the Mystery of all mysteries – disguised and incognito – becomes personal and is wondrously revealed. This “Safari to the Sacred” is headed, not away from, but into “jungles” of specific, human encounters and ethical applications.

About the Author

Dr. William A. Holmes is Minister Emeritus, United Methodist National Church, Washington D.C. His career spans over four decades as an author, minister, lecturer and television host with titles including Tomorrow’s Church (1968); Nonviolence, Origins and Outcomes (2003); A Man Named John F. Kennedy (1964) and articles in the Harvard Divinity Bulletin. He was also the host for the weekly television program, “Perspective,” on WDVM, CBS, Washington, D.C. .
by William A. Holmes

Copyright 2012

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