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September 8, 2010

Transforming the Legacy: People of Spirit in the 21st Century
Volume I - The Legacy and the Challenges

A Symposium hosted by Wesley Theological Seminary, December 17-19,2009, on the occasion of inaugurating the archives of Dean Joseph Wesley Mathews and honoring the legacy of Dean Mathews and Bishop James K. Mathews, two brothers who have profoundly affected the thinking and direction of the church and multiple organizations involved in service to the world.
Bishop James K. Mathews

Address to those assembled for the Symposium:

“First I want to say that I am just amazed to see more than 150 of you in this room, many of you that I haven’t seen in years, coming from all over the country, and even places in India and Asia and cities in Europe -- it astounds me that you think enough of the work that I and my brother Joe were able to do, that you think it is worth your while to recover some of that for the future”…

“So I am amazed, but I must say I am not surprised, because you are the kind of people, “People of the Spirit,” who take seriously your commitments. It pleases me that you come here to write papers and make presentations not just to wallow in the past, but to think about the future”

"Finally, I appreciate very much what you’re doing, and I am happy to dedicate Joe’s papers that are now in the Archives here at Wesley Theological Seminary for future students and scholars. You have my blessing in this work, and I wish you well."

From the Editors

It was a profound moment in the Symposium when Bishop Mathews rose from his seat and addressed us with the words above. This was just prior to those gathered going to the Wesley Theological Seminary Library to dedicate the archives. On the passing of Bishop Mathews September 8th, the official release date for this publication, Dr. John A. Epps, observed the following:

"A very memorable image was his departure after the ribbon-cutting ceremony when he and his daughter walked away through the trees as the group sang "Journey On." Whether or not he heard was not certain, but his walk was deliberate however slow, as he hunched over in the cold. It was a powerful moment for us all. Another moment prior to that was his cutting of the "ribbon. I was amused that the ribbon was a police tape with "danger" written all over it. There was real symbolism there -- whether the symbol was more the "danger" describing the entrance to JWM's archives, or whether it was in Bishop Jim cutting through the danger, I'm still not sure, but it was a powerful and memorable moment."

Inside the Cover


Prelude: David McAllister-Wilson, President, Wesley Theological Seminary
-- The Purpose of Dean Joseph Wesley Mathews Archives
Remarks by Joseph A. Slicker
-- Honoring this Legacy by Planning for the Future
Remarks by John Silber
-- Joseph W. and James K. Mathews .... guides and critics, and supportive friends in the task that we continue
A Talk by Joseph Wesley Mathews - 1975
-- Resurgement and the Religious - Sanctification as engagement in the world
A Sermon by James K. Mathews - 2005
-- Serendipity: Goodness Arising from Crisis - what Hurricane Katrina revealed


Opening Address: The Mathews Brothers
-- John R. Schol, United Methodist Church, Bishop of the National Capital Area
Keynote Address: Two Brothers, One Mission: To Build the Earth
-- Dr. William A. Holmes, (Ret), Baltimore Washington Conference
Urban Mission: Leadership Development with Global Vision
-- Bishop Felton E. May, (Ret), United Methodist Church
Urban Mission at Wesley Theological Seminary
-- Fred Smith, Ph. D., Professor, Wesley Theological Seminary
Eternal Values in a World of Change
-- Bishop Susan M. Morrison, (Ret), United Methodist Church
Bishop James K. Mathews, a Founder Plus
-- Rev. Clark Lobenstine, Ex. Dir., The InterFaith Conference, Washington D.C.
Spirit of the Eco-restorative Movement
-- Tim Watson, NCARM, Principal, Hillsborough, N.C.
Our 21st Century Challenge: Redefining Sacred Space
-- Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb, Adat Shalom Congregation, Bethesda, Maryland
Rethinking the Purpose of the Church and its Ministry
-- E. Maynard Moore, Ph. D., Vice President,
Theological Education in the 21st Century
-- Bruce C. Birch, Ph. D., Dean Emeritus, Wesley Theological Seminary


David McAllister-Wilson, President, Wesley Theological Seminary

About the Archives: Inside this library, then, are not just papers of antiquarian interest for the caretakers of antique churches. Instead, we intend it to be an active resource for seminary students, scholars, and lay people who will study the life and work of Joe Mathews not just to know who he was, but to ask: “how did he do it?” We gratefully receive this potent collection as a blessing to this seminary community in the prayer that it will help us be a blessing to the world through the church.

John R. Schol, United Methodist Bishop of the National Capital Area

Common principles we need today: The lives of the Mathews brothers were rivers that flowed from the same pool of water - family values, faith, strong educational experiences and engagement in the world. They had common principles that guided them: (1) development of the whole person, (2) cultural competence; and (3) an inquisitive mind.

Dr. William A. Holmes, Baltimore Washington Conference (Ret.)

Quoting Albert Camus: “What the world expects of Christians is that Christians should speak out loud and clear ... The grouping we need is a grouping of men [and women] resolved to speak out clearly and pay up personally.” These words .... have dangerous implications for this symposium. During these next few days, we just might do something to alter the trajectory of history in our own time – even if it’s only by one-one thousandth of a degree. We will have, at least, bent a little history.

Bishop Susan M. Morrison (retired), The United Methodist Church

Re-thinking the Church: It seems so appropriate for us to gather here and honor the Mathews brothers. For you who are United Methodists, you may be aware of the latest institutional campaign called “re-think church.” .... I want to say, “Well, HELLO!!” This is what the Mathews brothers have been doing all their lives -- continually re-thinking church.

Cover Mosaic
Cover mosaic from photos by George W. Ensinger

Photos and Videos from the symposium are available on the RPC Conferencing page.


E Maynard Moore (Editor), M George Walters, (Editor), David McAllister-Wilson (Foreword)

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