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December 31, 2010

Transforming the Legacy: People of Spirit in the 21st Century
Volume II - The Response and Future Directions

A Symposium hosted by Wesley Theological Seminary, December 17-19, 2009, on the occasion of inaugurating the archives of Dean Joseph Wesley Mathews and honoring the legacy of Dean Mathews and Bishop James K. Mathews, two brothers who have profoundly affected the thinking and direction of the church and multiple organizations involved in service to the world.

Volume II presents the six Workshop Track papers.
About the Book

Volume II in the Transforming the Legacy Series focuses on the work going on today among many organizations who were influenced by this legacy of church renewal and social responsibility and presents the workshop track presentations and findings in six areas: Urban Mission focus on local community reformulation, education of tomorrow's leaders in seminaries and universities, and local leadership development in India and other countries; Interfaith Engagement of people from all religious traditions working together to address social issues and promote interfaith understanding and conflict resolution in local USA communities and the Middle East; Environmental Stewardship with practical approaches from architectural to alternative energy to gardening; Global Health Initiatives for addressing major systemic problems like HIV/AIDs in African Villages to community based health networking among doctors, nurses and patients in New York City Educational Mandates focused on methods in public, private and community based; and Corporate Ethics for both internal operations and relations among management and employees, to corporate responsibility for the impact of business on society and the world.

Main Addresses

Welcome, Introductions and Singing:
-- George Walters, Carol Walters and Jim Mathews
A Story about Bishop Jim:
-- Dr. Joan Brown Campbell
Opening Speakers Introductions
-- Rev. Charlie Parker, Sr. Minister, MMUMC
Opening Address: The Mathews Brothers
-- John R. Schol, United Methodist Church, Bishop of the National Capital Area
Urban Mission: Leadership Development with Global Vision
-- Bishop Felton E. May, (Ret), United Methodist Church
Welcome to Wesley Seminary: Introduction of Keynote Speaker
-- Dr. David McAllistar-Wilson, President, Wesley Theological Seminary
Keynote Address: Two Brothers, One Mission: To Build the Earth
-- Dr. William A. Holmes, (Ret), Baltimore Washington Conference
Fifth City and Chicago's Old Westside Today
-- Helen Mitchell, MPA, Director of Strategic Planning and Policy Development for the Honorable Congressman Danny K. Davis of the 7th District of Illinois
Bishop Jim Mathews
-- Remarks to The Symposium Participants
-- J. W. Mathews Archives, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
“Interfaith Engagement / Cultural Transformation”
-- Larry Ward – California (Major Address) -- Not Currently Transcribed
Theological Education in the 21st Century
-- Bruce C. Birch, Ph. D., Dean Emeritus, Wesley Theological Seminary
Eternal Values in a World of Change
-- Bishop Susan M. Morrison, (Ret), United Methodist Church

Photos and Videos from the symposium are available on the RPC Conferencing page.
From the Editors

Dr. William A. Holmes in his keynote address provided the context for the intent of the six workshop tracks:

Quoting Albert Camus: “What the world expects of Christians is that Christians should speak out loud and clear ... The grouping we need is a grouping of men [and women] resolved to speak out clearly and pay up personally.” These words .... have dangerous implications for this symposium. During these next few days, we just might do something to alter the trajectory of history in our own time – even if it’s only by one-one thousandth of a degree. We will have, at least, bent a little history."

"Or, during these next few days, we just might do nothing but venerate the Mathews brothers. We Christians excel at veneration and we couldn’t have two more worthy subjects. BUT: have you noticed: The planners of this Symposium have set up a fire-wall against vacuous tributes to the Mathews? The name of the fire-wall is “Workshop Tracks:” .... It’s as though they hung a sign on the front door saying “No abstractions allowed.” The planners of this Symposium are hoping -- they are requesting -- they are demanding that we go beyond tributes to Jim and Joe, and shove out into the world to radically reclaim it for God’s sake – which is for the sake of the humanizing, civilizing process. And, not incidentally, this is precisely what it might mean to “honor the work” of Bishop Jim and Brother Joe, two men who, in their day, “spoke out clearly,” “paid up personally,” and changed the course of history for thousands, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives – including my own.

Cover Mosaic

Cover mosaic from photos by George W. Ensinger
E Maynard Moore (Editor),
M George Walters (Editor)

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